Hello! I’m finally here! My name is Berta Dotú and I am a true explorer and lover of hospitality. As I don’t want to give up my life of traveling and my love for the stoves and the flavours of the world, I have decided to share Food Fun Truck.

The idea is simple yet innovative: I have an original Renault Estafette of the 70’s, modified to be a Food Fun Truck; deep knowledge about the most delicious food that the nomadic gastronomy can offer you and the biggest desire to share all of it with you.

Food Fun Truck is thought for fun. Everything in it, even the name, is around food, party and the combination of both…

This is a big part of the Food Fun Truck Philosophy: Food fills the stomach, but fun nourishes the soul.

Berta Dotú


Food Fun Truck goes beyond the food. Besides the nomadic philosophy that pushes me to discover places, recipes, and specially friends everywhere I feel like going. Food Fun Truck is more than that, much more… I have taken a fresh look at the idea of nomadic gastronomy and I’ve turned it into what we could call “nomadic gastroparty”.

Let’s suppose you are getting married. Well, here you have your restaurant, your venue and your discotheque. Even more, if you want to be original, my van can be the temple where you are getting married. Why not?

Ceremonies, parties and all types of events

Of course we are not only talking about weddings. Let your imagination fly:

Imagine taking a wedding cake out of the van, or your company’s advertisement on it; a DJ booth on wheels cheering on sports events, parties or anything you can imagine.

You decide what and how

Another of the Food Fun Truck services is for other chefs. If you are a chef and you need a vehicle, hit me up! I’m sure we’ll find a way to help each other out.


Berta Dotú
+34 607728619


I want to know what you would like. I am, as well as being a nomad, a bit of a cameleon, and I'd like us, together, to find the best way to adapt to your style and to your needs.